IBM Connections Fix Pack 1

Finalmente saiu o Fix Pack 1 para o IBM Connections com uma série de correções que vinham incomodando não só aos administradores, mas também aos usuários finais. Vejam abaixo o que foi corrigido neste Fix Pack. (links para o download e documento original no final do texto)

LO67923​ Profiles Admin REST API returns HTTP response 400​
LO66189​ To-dos Without End Dates Do Not Display In The Widget​
LO59716​ Problems Uploading Images In A Profile And For A Community​
LO67499​ Can’t create sub-community if can’t delete parent community​
LO64870​ Users Name Not Displaying Correctly in Profiles.​
LO66839​ Encoding issues on Mobile in Status Update.​
LO61000​ Record found in Profiles using “Search the Directory” type-ahead drops custom context root. ​
LO61102​ Only All Tab Showing In Communities Search Results.​
LO66186​ Customize Community Blog Strings in Communities application.​
LO63082​ API for all communities does not show sub communities​
LO64762​ Profiles Images In Bookmarks Do Not Display Over Forced HTTPS​
LO66120​ SNCOMM.COMMUNITY.COMMUNITY_THEME is null for the communities created via API​
LO62652​ Files email link is HTTPS instead HTTP​
LO64586​ Disabling The Profile Pronunciation Component In Profiles policy makes Profiles Unavailable.​
LO65125​ Resourceownerwidget Flag Not Working In Profiles​
LO64368​ AjaxProxy is to only honor BASIC_AUTH even if NTLM or other authentication schemes are configured in proxy servers​
LO63229​ No error returned for duplicate Atom POST for member​
LO64643​ Community logo does not display in customers environment​
LO65879​ Search Index Does Not Build.​
LO65181​ Board Updates Have The Wrong Name When Hovering Over Picture.​
LO66129​ Bookmarksindexing failed by reason of the invalid date​
LO65526​ Custom Strings For Forums Not Used​
LO66844​ Disable Wiki Text Tab​
LO63478​ Unable to download forum file in IE7​
LO63426​ Files Added To A Forum Send Out A Moderation Notification​
LO66718​ Numbered List Not Rendering Correctly In Wikis Using Firefox​
LO66571​ Downloading Files With Google Chrome Fails In Wiki​
LO62703​ Cannot Upload File In Blogs When Using WAI Header From Portal​
LO62440​ Errors In The User Interface When Using Files In The fr_ch Locale​
LO65904​ “My Blogs” HTML consistency improvements.​
LO65204​ Communities In Media Gallery – Photos Or Videos Cannot Be Replaced Using UNC File path In Internet Explorer.​
LO63150​ Owners not in community creator role get access denied on sub-community edit save​
LO63396​ Send E-mail button does not work on emails with apostrophe in email address​
LO66990​ Notifications arriving with subject in wrong language​
LO65908​ Minor performance optimization for deleting communities life cycle events for less admin work​
LO64548​ Internet Explorer Very Slow Running Script In Updates.​
LO64457​ Under load, Profiles lifecycle and audit event processing degrades or stops​
LO65162​ When You Use Large Fonts In Activities The Lines Overlap When Viewed.​
LO64116​ Too many updates occurring during TDI Sync caused too many log events entered into EMPINST.EVENTLOG table​
LO60605​ Image Color Inverts After Uploading To Communities​
LO57538​ Mobile: Cannot View Board Entries With Multiple Replies​
LO66819​ Files comment author photo not loaded when userid contains special character @​
LO64314​ Community blog moderation sends to wrong destination if set to draft​
LO66986​ Problems using the Admin API for IBM Connections (Profiles)​
LO63433​ Media Gallery image preview Issue.​
LO59194​ Constant Wikis Redirect Occurs When Edge Caching Proxy Is In Place.​
LO61381​ Issue with the custom delete adapter documeted on the Info Center Wiki​
LO58436​ Communities business card does not work when combined with profiles business card​
LO61268​ Sametime awareness can only be displayed on the vcard and not in the main profiles page​
LO65844​ News not setting up subscribers to event handler subscriptions​
LO61091​ Auditing issue where Add a member shows as an owner​
Add code handling exceptional inconsistencies in user records at event analysis time​
LO59210​ NullPointerException in NewsStatusUpdateMigration​
LO58913​ Latest Posts Widget On Profiles Doesn’t Show Latest Forum Posts​
LO62508​ Communities Refreshes When The Mouse Hovers Over A Link​
LO59192​ Communities notification customization not working​
LO64163​ Russian Characters Are Unreadable In Portlets​
LO58396​ Default Style In Profiles Causes Custom Theme To Fail​
LO65422​ When sync against alt source repository, sync_all_dns_process_delete phase of syn_all_dns task still uses LDAP Connector​
LO59382​ Extended attributes causes TDI Sync to fail​
LO63935​ After setting policy for tags, profile.tag.add to only allow self, users can still tag when inviting to their network​
LO59430​ Forums Tag widget issue​
LO61704​ Community logos are saved as 155 pixels but displayed as 128 causing distortion of upgraded community images​
LO59195​ Bookmarks notification customization not working​
LO61402​ Community Forum PIN topic function is not being honored in Topics View​
LO59197​ Profiles: notification customization not working​
LO60904​ Queries used to generate Atom feed are to be optimized​
LO61157​ Activities UI Jumps Around In IE​
LO60551​ Slow SQL query for getting the total number of updates per category for Email Digest​
LO61566​ Profiles: Number of pending network requests in Profiles \ My Network \ Invitations not updating beyond 10​
LO60957​ Membership Role For Person Not Recorded In Auditability Logs (Wikis)​
LO63618​ Comments not showing in Homepage Status Updates view after they are entered​
LO55141​ One UI Element Still Show On Screen after Disabling People Tagging​
LO63611​ Remove Ideation Blogs UI Elements From The Search UI When Ideation Blogs Is Disabled.​
LO58139​ Board Policy Does Not Work Correctly if there are pending invitations​
LO60006​ Multiple copies of email digests sent from scheduled daily/weekly task ‘EmailDigestDelivery’​
LO63311​ Profile “my links” with ampersand cannot be deleted​
LO63328​ SSO does not work with Moderation on a deployment with SPNEGO configuration​
LO58927​ SPNEGO works to log user in everywhere except homepage first​
LO61492​ URLs Added To Dynamichosts In Lotusconnections-config.Xml Are Lower Cased​
LO62897​ TDI assembly lines using profile connector could not catch errors in hooks​
LO60905​ Homepage/News Performance Issues​
LO63029​ Profiles – Error if press enter when inviting a colleague to network with tagging​
LO59990​ To Do’s search does not stay in the To Do List tab.​
LO62007​ Wikis/Files can not login correctly on a SPNEGO client.​
LO62249​ Thai characters not displaying correctly in Blogs on Win7 client, both IE8 and FF4​
LO58492​ Sorting by date in sv-se locale fails on second page​
LO62453​ Work location And Department Are Not Getting Updated With TDISOL​
LO57622​ Footer Links From Wikis Do Not Launch In New Window, While Other features Using Same Footer Does​
LO60609​ Reply to topic Is not being removed from Forums page after quarantine.​
LO61840​ Can not scroll to see members invited to a Community​
LO62585​ Customized pages in Homepage are not correctly localized when the Connection language selector is used​
LO57558​ Still receiving email notifications after user stops following a Community.​
LO60103​ After Following A Community, Users Do Not Immediately Receive Individual Notifications​
LO61008​ Communities theme update needs to account for customizing database names​
LO61673​ Resolve Communities Follow/Unfollow Issue.​
LO61204​ Search On Email Address Returns Some Unexpected Results​
LO61022​ “Who Connects Us?” Widget Does Not Load In Spanish UI​
LO61472​ Private To Do entries do not show up in Calendar on Homepage​
LO61176​ Characters Are Not Displayed In Homepage – Responses Dialog​
LO61970​ Homepage: Deleting Tag Causes Script Error.​
LO61633​ News Feed, Tags To Watch Are Not Updated Properly UI Refresh And Error Message Are Inconsistent​
LO61633​ While adding tags to the Homepage News feed, UI does not refresh properly and is confusing to users​
LO63257​ Prepend And Append Html Information In The Contactinformation Section Of The Profiles-config Is Not Used​
LO66008​ Member view uses unstable sorting which breaks paging​
LO65164​ Server Metrics for profiles “5 most popular tags and count” not getting updated & always showing same 4 tags​
LO64613​ My Profile picture does not show viewing a picture in the media gallery​
LO61093​ Forum Topic Word Wrap And Apostrophe Issue​
LO57794​ Full Report To Chain list is flipped when tabbing back to it​
LO65282​ unable to edit link on an image – the image will be lost​
LO64851​ Users with a apostrophe in the email address cannot use mailto in the directory search interface​
LO65386​ Activity in Community shows as being updated by Activities Administrator when a sub-community is added​
LO65648​ News Feed in Homepage can only display latest 100 events per category​
LO65716​ Forms based login for Atom feeds is not redirecting to the login page​
LO63658​ Long Names Are Truncated In Edit Profile​
LO67254​ “Type error node” message while updating my status from “My Profile” from Reporting Structure Full Page​
LO67114​ Super User cannot leave community once he joins it​
LO65368​ Custom Bookmarks Strings Are Not Displayed​
LO66522​ Problems adding more instances of a widget if the first instance is hidden.​
LO65929​ Resolve Community Theme problems​
LO66430​ Follow This Community Has No Effect When Viewing Community Wiki​
LO63167​ Can’t change community type if owner is not in Community Creator role​
LO60593​ The Edit My Profile Text Under The Profile Picture Moves When Language Is Set To Swedish​
LO64639​ When sending a notification, News will fail to send the notification if a Recipient of a mail is invalid or not synchronized.​
LO64697​ Preview wsadmin sync commands​
LO58915​ Profiles business card does not work when it does not provide dojo library​
LO66932​ Undefined appears in the pagination of comments after a couple of hundred comments are added​
LO65488​ Moderated/Restricted icons and text do not show on overview page for IE 8 and 9​
LO66226​ Duplicate header error when downloading a file using Chrome​
LO66378​ Disable Photo For Multiple Profile Types.​
LO66005 ​ Files application may not load on certain version of Firefox​
LO67204​ “Last Post” Link Takes You To First Post​
LO67422​ Files may not index all file content​
LO66825​ Placement of the bizcard tooltip display does not respond to scrolling (RTC #44786)​
LO65943​ Error in SystemOut.log when Activities auto-complete notification sent. Also not showing up in Homepage Notifications view.​
LO65754​ Customizing Forums strings sourced in JavaScript does not take effect​
LO66403​ Unable to delete links that are on My Links widget with special characters in the name​
LO66859​ Community Files: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000 on ORACLE​
LO63117​ Recommendations Widget For Some Users, Shows No Content​
PM53545​ Link of file name into notification mail does not work properly.​

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